Saturday, August 29, 2009

Corinthian Masons Help 83 Kids with KidsID

Originally posted by: w-dejo on Wed, 07/09/2008- 10:05am

Corinthian Lodge was active at this year's Rambling River Days Craft Fair, putting together 83 KidsID kits for local children and their families. The effort was coordinated by Senior Warden Paul Hardt, and Tom Holten, Randy Poulson, and Worthy Matron Dawn Lund.

"It was great seeing all the kids come by our table at the Craft Fair," Senior Warden Paul said. "They were having fun at the Fair, and the parents really appreciated the KidsID kits. We're really doing a service to our community."

"It was also very nice to work with our Worthy Matron Dawn. She's a great person and we both hope we can find other ways of getting the Star and the Masons to work together on more projects."

Right now, it's not clear whether Rambling River Days will be held next year. If not, the Lodge could still do a KidsID in Downtown Farmington, on the sidewalk outside of the Lodge Hall, at the Library, or in a similar location.

A coordinator will be needed for next year. The great thing is that this is a well-laid out project and it really runs itself. Masons will be contacted about getting involved.

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